Colour Masterbatches

At Ganga we innovate and reinvent continuously to provide colour solutions to all thermoplastic applications. Thanks to our state of the art facility of Ganga Development Centre, our clients are always satisfied with the performance of our Colour Masterbatches. Our products have high colour strength, excellent dispersion and remarkable light fastness and colour migration resistance.

We have over 5000 colour shades for various applications, and also customise shades according to customer needs.

Some of the major applications of Colour Masterbatches include:

  • Film Extrusion (MonoLayer Films,FMCG packaging, Extrusion Coating, Raffia Tape Plant, Garbage Bags,Raffia Lamination)
  • Blow Moulding (Bottles for cosmetics, detergents, lubricants, containers, jerry cans.
  • Injection moulding (Moulded Furniture, Household Items, Industrial Items, Outdoor Products
  • Roto Moulding (Water Tanks)
  • PP Filament Yarn
  • Wires & Cables
  • Pipe Extrusion (HDPE Rigid Pipes & LDPE Flexible pipes)
  • PP Non-Woven Fabrics
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