Antistatic Masterbatches

By virtue of their insulating nature, polymers of all types allow static charge to build-up on their surfaces, specially where the ratio of surface area to volume is high. The static charge is due to the friction caused by dry air moving over the surface or friction between two surfaces. This static charge leads to several undesirable consequences in the final product.

The built-up static charge can attract dust onto a food package, which is undesirable aesthetically. At times, static charge can damage circuit boards in electronics packaging and may cause hazards of fire or explosion in the vicinity of flammable materials.

In order to prevent such undesirable solution, we have developed Antistatic Masterbatches which prevent static charge build up, thus making movement, spinning or transportation easy. The Antistatic Masterbatches can be used for various applications like Blown Film, Cast Film, Bubble Film, Spun Fibers, etc.

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